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Five years after the plastic restriction order was issued, the environmental protection non-woven shopping bags were re-examined

by:Sunshine     2020-05-24
Global Textile network news: since the 'plastic restriction order' was issued on June 2008, some 'environmental protection bags' mainly made of non-woven materials with different colors and shapes have been listed continuously, which has been recognized to a certain extent. Many people think that the introduction of the 'plastic restriction order' has brought business opportunities to the growth of the non-woven fabric industry, and many enterprises have therefore widely United other manufacturers of textile and plastic industries, through the existing entry channels and purchase and sale relations, we will make every effort to bring non-woven environmental protection bags into the market. Nowadays, it has been five years since the introduction of the plastic restriction order. Recently, some netizens have questioned: 'non-woven shopping bags, like plastic bags, are mainly made of chemical fiber raw materials such as polypropylene or polyester, these polymer polymers still cannot degrade in a short time. 'So, isn't the non-woven environmental bag not environmentally friendly? Once the news was released, it caused an uproar. A person in charge of a supermarket in Beijing said with shock: since the plastic restriction order, we have only supplied non-woven shopping bags, and the customer response is also good, if even this is not environmentally friendly, what will we use in the future? Whether shopping bags are environmentally friendly, I think there are two criteria: One is whether they can be really degradable, the other is whether they can be reused, and whether they have recycling value. Compared with degradable, the international environmental protection concept now pays more attention to recycling. Non-woven shopping bags can be reused many times. From this perspective, it is absolutely environmentally friendly. -- Guo Shuang, general manager of Zhejiang Xinhua New Materials Co. , Ltd. , I used to burn non-woven shopping bags with a lighter, which has dark smoke and pungent taste. I think non-woven shopping bags are only more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. If a layer of patterned gum is covered outside the non-woven bags, it will be even more environmentally friendly and can only be regarded as ordinary shopping bags. However, there seems to be no more environmentally friendly products that can replace non-woven shopping bags at present. -- Non-woven forum users see that non-woven shopping bags are durable and can be used many times. From this point of view, they are absolutely environmentally friendly. However, non-woven fabrics consume a lot of energy in the production process, and some also contain additives that endanger the environment. The overdraft of non-woven fabrics in the production process is difficult to compensate in the future use process, from this point of view, it is not environmentally friendly at all. -- Wang Li, a technology department of a non-woven company in Zhejiang, has strong toughness and is not easy to wear. The newly introduced film-coated non-woven shopping bag has the advantages of waterproof, good feel and beautiful appearance. Although a single cost is a little more expensive than a plastic bag, a non-woven shopping bag can reach hundreds or even thousands or tens of thousands of plastic bags in terms of its service life. -- Wang Gang, head of the technical department of Zhejiang Ruili non-woven bag Co. , Ltd. , many European countries are also using non-woven shopping bags, but they will mark the use guidelines on non-woven environmental bags, it means that the bag is recycled for the second time or recycled for the third time. It will also indicate the use category of the bag to facilitate the selection of the people. This practice has not yet been involved in China. (Zhang Jing, research and development director of Sichuan fiber Research Institute)
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