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Flame retardant fabric for internal and treatment of flame retardant non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2019-11-21
Today's article gives you an analysis of the inner and treatment of flame retardant non-woven fabrics. How should we distinguish them? Flame retardancy can be achieved in two ways: additives ( Mechanical blended flame retardant chemistry and polymer before extrusion)And local (Coated fiber or fabric has flame retardant chemistry). Additive types are useful with thermoplastic, while local treatments can be used with thermoplastic, thermosetting and natural fibers. The inherent flame retardant fibers are materials that have flame retardant construction into their chemical structures. The actual structure of the fiber itself is nonflammable. For the inherent flame retardant fiber, the protection built into the fiber itself cannot be worn out or washed out. Other major categories are flame retardant treatment (FRT)Fabric. These materials are flame retardant by the application of flame retardant chemicals. Chemical additives on fibers or treatments on fabrics are used to provide a certain degree of flame retardancy. In the event of a fire, chemical-related fabrics rely on chemical reactions to extinguish the flame. This reaction is triggered by the amount of heat and time of the fabric exposed to the fire. Inherent flame retardant fabric flame retardant (FR) On the other hand, it cannot be eliminated or worn out. This refers to whether the flame retardancy of the inner fiber clothing can be compromised. This is crucial for the wearer to know that flame retardant protection is always there. The other is a force flame retardant, which is a chemical that interferes with one or more steps in the combustion process. This is done in four different modes of action: the reaction is carried out in the gas phase. Reaction in the condensation phase. Cooling effect. Dilution effect. It is very difficult to determine whether the protection device is damaged with F? ​ RT fabric. There are some ways to test it. Unfortunately, all of these test methods are destructive- There is really no way to test clothes to determine their current flame retardant or arc protection value level without damaging the flame or arc flash test of clothes.
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