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( From the five events, show you our textile trend of the future! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-19
Now of the textile market has entered a recession period, under such a flat market, there is always something can't see at ordinary times, but behind these phenomena, it contains the quotation, or, they are the market itself. 01, large single small and small single variable phenomenon: many cloth boss said, although it is not very good, but the order quantity on the market are not much less than normal, but tens of thousands of metres or even hundreds of thousands of meters big become very rare, and hundreds of thousands of meters of small single more. Reason: in addition to weaving enterprise is facing huge inventory pressure, clothing enterprise inventory pressure is very big also, plus online store now, people have a higher request for design, price, etc. Prediction: the future for large quantity will only have less than before, list 'small and more' will become a new normal. Opportunity: who can adapt to the new norm first, who can in the textile market of the future. 02, southeast Asia order quantity increase phenomenon: the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) has surpassed the United States as the country's second largest exporter, and in the history. the market, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries accounted for the market orders to reach 22. About 5%, and the proportion is increasing. Reason: with the rise of China 'area' strategy, combined with textile industry gradually transfer, Vietnam and other asean countries have become China's textile exports an important transit point. Prediction: the next few years, for textile export in southeast Asia will be growing at a faster rate. Opportunity: fabric exports in southeast Asia is given priority to with meager profit but high turnover, and demand more and more big, seized, the next few years is a stable customers. 03, cast goods phenomenon, into a 'normal operation' phenomenon: appeared on the market a lot of normal product behind the phenomenon of goods, a lot of weaving the fabric with below cost price to sell, but there are still a lot of cloth of unsold. Reason: affected by peripheral loom capacity growth too fast, conventional products on the market supply, combined with market downturn, eventually lead to the weaving enterprise inventory quantity is too large. Inventory is too large to bring a lot of money pressure, can only throw inventory. Prediction: the state of oversupply is reversed, cargo phenomenon will continue. Opportunity: now the raw material and fabric prices are low, there is always can rise in the future. 04, dying, death, the elimination and polarized serious phenomenon: although there are a lot of companies say day very hard, but there are some textile enterprises now have a good time, depressed prices did not have a big impact on them. Reason: little influence on the enterprise part of traders, no fabric inventory pressure, there was no lack of order in the market now, but demand a situation is obvious. Is another part of the enterprise has its own characteristics, and the conventional products on the market made a difference, so affected by normal product supply and demand imbalance is small. Prediction: with the conventional products on the market oversupply situation intensified, polarization situation will be more and more serious. Opportunity: now in the market is not completely without orders, there is a demand. 05, discontinued or not to shut down, this is a problem: on June 11, some weaving enterprise issued production notice, in a wide circle of friends is forwarded. At present there are many cloth boss also struggling with production or not stop production. Reason: no shutdown, cloth to sell out, even sell is break-even even at a loss in selling, selling at a loss also can not delivery, inventory build up day by day, the pressure is growing capital turnover; Production, on the one hand, workers are gone, once stopped to think hard to start working, on the other hand will cause mismanagement impression to the person affect confidence, not to mention discontinued hydropower the still have to pay rent. Prediction: now many weaving money pressure is very big boss, first of all goods, threw the cargo all don't, weaving the future may have more and more enterprises will be shut down. Opportunity: open probability drop may be able to stable price, bring market turnaround. Quote the worse, opportunity and the ability to seize the opportunity becomes increasingly important. Bosses can seize the market, seize the opportunity to battle through this period of difficult times. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD, is a critically acclaimed non-woven fabric manufacturer, specializing in the production sales: non-woven fabric, elastic nonwoven, spun-bonded non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabric. Lai chi spun-bonded non-woven qualitative light, soft, breathable, non-toxic environmental protection, ensure the quality of products, be sure to allow customers to buy rest assured that with the peace of mind.
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