Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric

Fulaisina (Transfer): Non-woven fabric production technology

by:Sunshine     2020-01-09
Fulaisina will provide AquaJet-suitable for the new generation of filtered nets at this exhibition-Spingle Spunlace technology; Spunbond/airflow mesh/spunlaced composite of tarpaulin; Hydroembossed spunlaced non-spinning technology for producing new 2D and 3D structures; ▲ AquaJet Spurs Production new technology and so on. In the field of Rayon, the company provides short fiber processing lines, including wire spraying and spinning devices. Zimmer BN100 spinning system is a two-step processing technology that provides three systems for short fiber processing. In terms of textile finishing, it will provide: continuous finishing production lines and components for tufting carpet printing and dyeing; Electric TWIN system, which can quickly change colors; AquaCarpet substrate is bonded without pre-coating latex; Raw wool cooking practice, using hole roller, without felt shrinkage; Full set of bleaching and dyeing system, suitable for bulk fiber application; Bulk fiber dyeing, after bleaching and dyeing; Washing and drying production lines, suitable for intermittent dyeing of silk bundles and strips; Continuous and semi-continuous dyeing series, suitable for wool strips and synthetic fiber bundles; Anti-felt shrinkage finishing line, suitable for Basolan, Dylan and Chlorine/Hercosett (System 2)Processed wool strips; Woven and knitted dry thread; HT- SteamSet hot-shaped production line, finishing cylindrical fabrics containing spandex.
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