General non-woven polyester fiber cloth price is how much money non-woven polyester fiber cloth manufacturer?

by:Sunshine     2020-05-04
What is the general price of non-woven polyester? The application field of non-woven polyester, xiaobian will come to reveal the latest non-woven polyester price for consumers? Generally, the price of non-woven polyester is about 80-100 yuan per roll on the market. If the quality is better, the price will be relatively more expensive, the price is relatively different for different prices, and the brand is relatively important, mainly depending on your choice. Non-Woven polyester factory, Nanjing daozhizun Composite Material Co. , Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of various geotechnical composite materials, and is currently an enterprise producing high-grade and high-quality geotechnical composite materials in China, it is an enterprise oriented by high and new technology, integrating production, learning and research, specializing in the development, research, production, processing and sales of modern Geotechnical materials. Our company has introduced the world's advanced, fully functional and superior German large-scale warp knitting machine, large-scale coating machine, slitting machine and other Geotechnical materials and equipment. The products produced by our company cover anti-cracking stickers (Anti cracking paste) , Glass fiber composite geotextile, polyester composite geotextile, staple fiber needle punched nonwoven non-woven geotextile, glass fiber polyester anti-cracking cloth, warp knitted composite reinforced anti-cracking cloth, polyester glass fiber cloth, high-performance polyester cloth, glass fiber geogrid, warp knitted polyester geogrid and other Geotechnical materials. The various geotechnical composites produced by our company are widely used in new roads, old road reconstruction and expansion, white-to-black roads, bridges and tunnels, indoor and outdoor sports fields, airports and high-speed railways. It provides users with reliable solutions to prevent reflective cracks and road waterproofing. Our company is committed to the development and research of new products and technologies together with domestic universities and scientific research institutions. The glass fiber polyester anti-cracking cloth produced by our company is used to prevent reflective cracks and water damage in road pavement construction and reconstruction. It provides users with reliable solutions to prevent reflective cracks and road waterproofing.
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