Global PP non-textile market value will exceed US $30 billion

by:Sunshine     2020-04-28
Grand View Research Inc, a well-known market research institution, recently released a report saying that 2014- From 2020, the global PP non-textile market demand will be 7. 8% growth rate. Its market value is expected to exceed 30 billion US dollars to 306 US dollars in 2020. US $0. 1 billion. The report points out that non-textile fabrics are made by special processes under the combined action of adhesives, high temperature and high pressure and other external forces, and have strong absorption, extensibility, softness and flame retardancy. In terms of raw material categories, PP has become the preferred raw material in the global non-textile market in recent years. In the next six years, baby diapers, adult diapers and women's sanitary napkins will continue to be the main driving force for this market boom. In addition, the growing demand for PP non-textile durable goods in Asia-Pacific and Middle East countries is expected to further push up its market trend. At the same time, market analysts said that the constant fluctuation of PP price will restrict the steady development of PP non-textile industry in the future. However, the increasing supervision of this substance in various regions, especially Europe and the United States, will also restrict its development speed. Data show that the global market demand for PP non-textile fabrics in 2013 was 555. 30 thousand tons, which is expected to increase to 997 in 2020. 8 tons. In the field of terminal application, the sanitary products industry was the largest application market for PP non-textile fabrics in the world in 2013. Control its 50. 7% market share. However, GrandViewResearch believes that with the rapid development of the durable consumer goods industry in developing countries, the market share of PP non-textile fabrics in the field of sanitary products will decrease in the next few years.
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