Grammy non-woven wallpaper is beautiful in color and poor in pollution resistance

by:Sunshine     2020-03-02
Wallpaper is already an indispensable decorative material in modern home life. Today, when 'femininity' is popular, what kind of wallpaper will be known to modern women and create their own fashion nest? Today's small plait evaluation of this pink wallpaper, bright colors will certainly attract women's attention. Let's follow the small series to test it! Product Display: evaluation brand: Grammy evaluation product: Grammy costume ball non-woven wallpaper product price: 580/Roll product material: non-woven Product Specification: 0. 53*10m evaluation details 1. The dazzling color of the appearance wallpaper entered the line of sight of Xiaobian for the first time. Its elegant and bright color and texture are very suitable for modern women to dress up and decorate, making public without losing tenderness, simple and stylish, the peach-red surface of the free and easy black bouquet is scattered, vivid and vivid. Like a fancy girl. 2, paper-based modern women in the choice of decorative materials, not only pay attention to the appearance of elegant fashion, but also pay more attention to the environmental protection and health of the material, and this wallpaper is made of non-woven fabrics, small touch, very soft, feel really good. The non-woven fabric is really good, breathable and environmentally friendly. TIP: non-woven wallpaper is made of natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp. It is recognized as a wallpaper that will breathe. It is also the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world. 6, waterproof performance test in order to detect the moisture resistance of the wallpaper, dripping water on the wallpaper, waiting for a few minutes, you can see that the water did not spread, and did not penetrate into the wallpaper. There is no trace of moisture on the back of the wallpaper. It can be seen that the moisture resistance of wallpaper is still good. 7. Combustion test combustion is one of the important methods to test the Environmental Protection of wallpaper. The above picture shows that the wallpaper has a faint smoke in the burning, and there is a pungent smell. The burned ash is black powder. Overall, this non-woven wallpaper is relatively environmentally friendly. TIP: environmental wallpaper burns without smoke or pungent smell. The burned ashes are white powder. Some high-end wallpapers are also fireproof, and such wallpapers are environmentally friendly and safe enough. Evaluation Summary: This Grammy non-woven wallpaper is as colorful as fashion and can bring a lot of vitality to the room, but the dazzling color is not suitable for large-scale paving. Stylish and beautiful in appearance. It is more in line with the interior design concept of the younger generation. However, after we passed the tests of environmental protection, pollution resistance, wear resistance and moisture resistance, we can find that this wallpaper has strong practicability, good wear resistance and moisture resistance, and general environmental protection and pollution resistance.
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