Grammy non-woven wallpaper new product, Swedish design high-grade taste

by:Sunshine     2020-03-03
In the modern city of high-rise buildings and modern rooms where computer phones can be seen everywhere, have you ever thought about finding the fresh flavor of nature and imagining a comfortable life surrounded by lush flowers and leaves or in the clouds? Looking forward to the beauty of nature and bringing the breath of nature back home, there is a good way to lay wallpaper. Use wallpaper to transform the stiff background wall of the home, or Nordic or pastoral, enchanting flowers or crisp green leaves, and dress up as you like. Today's small series to recommend Grammy non-woven wallpaper new products-- Jialuriel, from Sweden, is inspired by the beautiful nature. The classic elements of the four seasons are well used on wallpaper to see if these patterns are what you like! Origin: Swedish brand: Grammy name: galolrell Price: 980 yuan/roll material: non-woven specifications: 0. 53*10. 05 m pattern one: staggered winding green vine and horn flower this wallpaper is made of non-woven fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant without doubt. The background color of the wallpaper is blue and black. Does the low-key trumpet flower look like a family courtyard? The feeling of heavy ink has the charm of Chinese painting school. This wallpaper is suitable for living room or porch background wall. Now let's take a closer look at the surface pattern of this wallpaper. The color matching of light gray and dark coffee is low-key. In modern style home decoration, this color is usually not very pleasing, but combining the friendly trumpet flower and green vine pattern gives it another taste. Pattern 2: falling snowflakes, the wallpaper pattern introduced by the last mini-editor is falling snowflakes, with white light snowflakes on the dark blue background, with a little illusory romantic feeling, people can't help but think of the song 'Edelweiss. Snow, always give people Romantic reverie, used in wallpaper pattern is also very good idea Oh! Recommended match: this pattern wallpaper is matched with dark and light colors, fresh and elegant, romantic and implicit. It can be used as a large-scale paving of the background wall or as a corner of the porch, and it will have different effects. Moreover, Xiao Bian feels that if it is used in the children's room, the effect is better. Conclusion: new products from Sweden-- Jialuriel, there are 10 non-woven wallpapers of different patterns, the price and specifications are the same, the pattern combines the Four Seasons classic elements of nature, giving people a fresh visual effect. Super waterproof and environment-friendly materials make the product's cost performance relatively high. As a quality home decoration material, non-woven wallpaper is being used more and more. Do you want a fresh summer in your house?
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