Grand Home Textile launches non-woven shopping bags

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
As the vice president unit of China Household Textile Industry Association, Jiangsu Grand group has been enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings and repay the society. At present, in response to the spirit of the document 'notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags' issued by the State Council, grand group promptly launched shopping bags made of non-woven fabrics and provided them to consumers free of charge, to meet the needs of consumers. 'White Pollution'The main source-- Ultra-thin plastic shopping bags will be banned from production, sale and use nationwide from June 1, 2008. After learning this information, Jiangsu Grand Group Co. , Ltd. made a timely decision to produce a batch of non-woven shopping bags on the market. All consumers of grand products will get a non-woven shopping bag free of charge when shopping, implement the regulations of the State Council with practical actions and call on all grandiose consumers to actively protect the environment and control'White Pollution'. When asked about the idea of making this decision, Jiang Yutang, president of Jiangsu Grand group, said:' I saw an article saying that whether it is paper bags or plastic bags, environmentalists advocate the same and should recycle them. Environmentalists also pointed out that the best choice is to bring your own bag. As a textile enterprise, we are doing our best to produce cloth bags. We should do our part of our social responsibility and call on high-sounding consumers to change the bad habit of abusing plastic bags and solve the increasingly harmful problem'White Pollution'Question. '(Ni Weiping)
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