Graphic-Nonwovens raw material price forecast analysis, will remain stable and show a downward trend

by:Sunshine     2021-03-03
Author: Date: 2019-11-23 06:45:41 Hits: 1115 non-woven fabric material used again in a state of uncertainty. Polypropylene polymers and fibers, polyester ester polymers and fibers, bicomponent fibers, polyethylene polymers, and most adhesives directly depend on the price of petroleum, and are now at a very low price compared to the past few years. The supply is also high. In addition, new recycling technologies have allowed oil production to shift to North America. This makes it the world's leading natural gas production area, and it is also in the forefront of oil production. Theoretically, the polymers and fibers used in nonwovens should be stable and relatively inexpensive. In reality, such as refining and spinning capacity, oil wells and facility closures (due to global price downturns), this will continue to make the price and supply of nonwovens uncertain. Smithers also pointed out that the supply of nonwovens raw materials is expected to maintain lower and more stable prices in the next five years. There are many factors that affect the choice of nonwoven materials, including process efficiency, product performance and consumer demand, but in some cases, price is a decisive factor. For example, in the spunlace non-woven wet wipes, the raw rice material combination is usually about 50% of water-absorbent fibers (viscose, cotton or wood pulp) and about 50% of petroleum-based non-absorbent fibers (polyester or polypropylene) . The prices of polyester and polypropylene will switch manufacturers' choices from one to the other. Similarly, the price of polyester or polypropylene and rayon or cotton can change this ratio from 509% 6/50% 6 to 609%/40%, reflecting their price changes. In the fiber market, this can change future consumption patterns, or at least add uncertainty. Related tags: Previous: The global nonwovens industry situation determines that its weight will continue to decline-News【Graphic】
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