Guide the industry to produce non-woven fabric standards should be improved as soon as possible

by:Sunshine     2020-04-19
In participating in non-woven materials exhibitions and some activities, the most talked about by enterprises is the standard of non-woven industry. In Shanghai, 12th session of the non-woven material exhibition on Hong Kong Non-woven fabric Association president, Bridge Industrial (Shenzhen) Yang nature, chairman of the limited company, told reporters that they are working on the standard of non-woven reusable shopping bags. ' Once the standard is formulated, some small non-woven fabrics may be stuck by the standard. Wouldn't you want to offend people? 'The reporter asked puzzled. Yang Nature said:' The purpose of our standards is to guide and standardize the sustainable development of the industry. If the market is not standardized, products are harmful to people and the environment, and they are more vulnerable to international trade protection. Therefore, I hope that the association and the industry will work together to develop standards for sustainable development'. What is the standard setting for industrial textiles and non-woven fabrics in China? The reporter recently interviewed Li Guimei, deputy secretary general of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association. She believes that with the rapid development of the industrial textile and non-woven fabric industry, the standards for non-woven fabrics are increasingly valued by enterprises and industries, and have become a major event that needs to be considered by associations and relevant departments. She said that at present some non-woven fabric production and products have industry standards. Such as the production standard of spunlaced cloth. Some non-woven fabrics have method standards (National standard) These standards are already playing a role in guiding industry production. Some standards are still being worked out, such as melt spray, SMS, spunbond and hot rolled non-woven fabric standards are seeking opinions. With the continuous improvement of standards, we will form a well-established industry standard in the future to meet the needs of industrial upgrading and industry development. 'Standards for Non-woven reusable shopping bags. We are entrusted by the enterprise to report the outline of this aspect to the NDRC. 'Li Guimei said. In addition to the standard of reusable shopping bags, many non-woven fabric production and testing standards are in the absence or imperfection, and it is an indisputable fact that some enterprises do not have standard production. It should be noted that China's non-woven fabric industry has developed rapidly and has the momentum of striving to be the world's largest production capacity. At the same time of development, many past standards obviously lag behind the development speed of the industry. The emergence of some new materials and new processes has brought new problems to the formulation of standards. There are many reasons for the lag of standards. It is indeed difficult to formulate an industry standard. It needs a lot of data and mature processes to support it. It is a meticulous and complicated work. It is necessary to rely on industry associations and relevant competent departments, combined with the actual situation of the industry. We have learned that the China Industrial Textile Industry Association has been actively formulating relevant industry standards and national standards for many years, and has made great efforts to improve standards. Some standards have been reported to the relevant departments for approval, and I believe that results will come out soon. Reporters are working with Tonggao textile chemical fiber (Shenzhen) When Yu Min, chairman of the company, talked about this issue, he said an incisive statement:' Production of products or production standards is a matter of principle. There is no standard production, it is like asking for fish'. Enterprises pay attention to what the industry needs, and I believe we won't wait too long.
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