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'Harmony fiber' has become a 'sample' for the promotion of non-woven fabric industry'

by:Sunshine     2020-05-06
The market demand is huge and the added value of products is high . . . . . . At the 2014 China Industrial Textile Industry Innovation and Development Forum, the development of medical and health textiles once again became a hot spot for participating experts and entrepreneurs. Li lingshen, president of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, believes that medical textiles will inevitably become the direction of non-woven fabric promotion and development in the future. In this respect, several enterprises in Xialu town, Ke Qiao have already taken the lead. As China's largest spunlaced non-woven fabric production base, the non-woven enterprises in Xialu town have extended to non-woven fabric terminal products in recent years. There are currently four terminal product enterprises such as 'Kang Jie' and 'Rong, we produce sanitary napkins, wet tissue paper, cleaning cloth, facial mask paper and other series of products. 'A medical spunlaced non-woven fabric is more than higher than that of ordinary non-woven fabric. The person in charge of hezhonghe Fiber Co. , Ltd. revealed that the company has adopted new materials and new processes to vigorously develop medical products. At present, medical products account for 25% of the company's output value, and all of them are exported to European and American markets. In fact, the domestic market for medical and health textiles is huge. Take baby diapers as an example. From 2007 to 2010, the Baby Diapers Market maintained an average annual growth rate of 20%. It is expected that by 2020, the number of infants under the age of 2 in our country will reach 45. 2 million. Based on the per capita consumption of 3 diapers per day, the consumption of diapers in 2020 will reach 297. 0. 5 billion tablets. 'To develop medical products, and Zhonghe fiber company has set an example for the national non-woven fabric industry. Li lingshen pointed out that with the progress of the whole society and our increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the environmental protection of medical products has become an urgent problem for the entire industry. In the future, the whole industry should carry out technological innovation in environmental protection, especially in the fields of degradable, compost and dilution, so as to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry.
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