Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric
How many Sunshine products made from non woven fabrics are sold per year?
The annual sales volume is quite positive. With the development of society, the demand for products made from non woven fabrics is growing in the market, which leads to the popularity of Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd which focuses on creating beautiful products for decades. Since the launch of the product, it has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign customers, resulting in greater annual sales.

With years of nonwoven face mask production experience, Sunshine has continued to innovate and creates products to make the brand stand out in the market. Sunshine's main products include landscape fabric series. The product can withstand the extreme temperature change. It runs perfectly under extreme cold or heat due to its construction and high-performance components. It does not breed bacteria, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination. This product has received many praises from customers. With good air permeability, it is less likely to create odors.

We require workers to take part in our training themed at green technologies and practices. After the training, we will strive to recycle and reuse useful materials and moderate emissions in the process.
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