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How resolution three-in-one non-woven fabric of true and false?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-19
At present, there are more and more use of three-in-one non-woven fabrics on the market, and the products of three-in-one non-woven environmental protection bags are not uniform. We also need to distinguish the authenticity of three-in-one non-woven environmental protection bags. Supporting environmental protection bags can only partially reduce white pollution. The real root cause is education for all and the source of white pollution is a good solution. This problem, we can first understand: the harm of non-environmental bags. Although non-environmental bags bring a lot of convenience to the public, on the other hand, they cause pollution to the environment. Some non-environmental bags cannot be used for food, which will do harm to human health. Medical experts pointed out that food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packaged in non-environmental bags. After eating such spoiled food, people are prone to food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, because it accumulates for a long time in the sealed bag, and the concentration increases with the increase of the sealing time, causing the food in the bag to be contaminated to varying degrees, the impact on children's healthy development is particularly prominent. The above information about three-in-one non-woven fabrics hopes to bring some help to everyone.
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