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How to choose mask material


There is 3123700 Covid cases in the world, people have got harder with the global epidemic situation of coronavirus and the shortage of masks due to the epidemic of coronavirus. 

Currently We have received more than 300+ inquiry per day , with the disposable masks and also the mask raw material,this is also nearly 200 times than the normal time, obviously now the masks have a huge demand. With this article, we hope the following information can give you some guides and and help, we hope the global coronavirus epidemic ends sooner.

now in China this virus seems under control and the goverment is also encourage the exporting included the PPE goods. We have increase 5-7 machine to making mask material . in order control the virus ,  we have export 1000-1500ton to the world .  and buyer use our material to making ready mask and sale to their local space .  

As we know mask is made of spunbond nonwoven fabric, meltblown nonwoven fabric , nose wire and earloop material   .

Spunbond nonwoven fabric is use on the mask first layer and third layer .As a professional saler , we should me making soft touch , and touch skin material. (if you need we can send all set for you to test it  )

Packing: We packing in poly bag ,and 3-4roll per pack.


Meltblown is the second layer on the mask, most of customer requested meltlbown BFE95% ,BFE 99% ,PFE 85% , and PFE 95% . and some customer that’s all we can do . after order we can provide test report per each patch  .  When you get the mask orders from the suppliers, just burn the middle layer of meltblown fabric, it Will only melt without catching fire. In order to save customers' time, we will choose to present each batch of reports for customers' reference.

Packing :We packing in poly bag ,and 3-4roll per pack


Nose wire , for 3layer mask , our customer buying 3mm single core and full plastic . the polular is single core after customer tested .  Our composition of material is PE +Iron ,

Packing : 8kgs per carton  


Earloop  Our composition of material is 15% spandex, 85% nylon. Have good strength ,

Packing : 10-12kgs per carton


If you want to know 1million mask need how many quantity mask material , you can let us know , and then we will give you best advise and service  .


If you want to get more information about mask material , feel free to contact me and get cheaper price    .  


                                                  Sunshine nonwoven fabric


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