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How to distinguish non-woven fabrics, how to distinguish the quality of non-woven fabrics?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-23
How to identify non-woven fabrics? How to distinguish the quality of non-woven fabrics? Do you know how to distinguish between good and bad when you buy non-woven fabrics? The following small series will introduce you to everyone. 1, fire. Of course, the materials that have been treated like this may not be able to operate again, but if the real qualified products and inferior products can be distinguished, it is worthwhile to get some of the materials, inferior products are different from normal materials due to the characteristics of the construction materials operated, so they can be carried out after the fire, and the separation will be extinguished immediately, moreover, the color of the flame is also different from the real non-woven fabric, which is easy to distinguish. 2. Soak in water. Operating water can quickly detect the authenticity of polyester non-woven fabrics. Since the proportion of non-toxic products is very small, it will immediately surface after being pressed into the water, however, the products of different grids rarely surfaced after entering the water, because the proportion is larger than that of water, which is a test of rapid preparation. 3. Chestnut. This kind of preparation will not cause any damage to the material. If the PET non-woven fabric makes a crisp sound during the chestnut, it is declared to be a qualified product. If the sound is very boring, it is a inferior product. Due to the hot growth of PET non-woven fabric products market, many fake non-woven fabric products or products with serious quality differences have flashed in the market, causing serious infringement on consumers' rights and interests. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, it is necessary to carefully distinguish these problems to prevent the problem of serious operation problems.
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