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How to prevent aging of PP non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2021-04-11
1. Is it necessary to prevent aging of PP non-woven bags?

Speaking of the specific application of PP non-woven fabrics, we have to talk about non-woven bags. PP non-woven bags are the most familiar daily necessities. Whether it is shopping mall promotion, street product promotion, or industry conference kits, etc., you can see non-woven bags.

But the biggest disadvantage of PP non-woven bags is that they cannot withstand long-term sunlight. The general PP non-woven bags will fade after a month or two on the balcony, and even the heavy things will break, often giving people an inherent impression of not being durable.

In fact, as long as a little bit of anti-aging masterbatch (LS-133WP) is added in the production of non-woven fabrics, and the cost increases a little, this kind of non-woven bags can be used for several years and printed on the bags. The product has several times more opportunities for publicity.

2. Furniture such as sofas also need anti-aging

A large number of furniture products also use PP non-woven fabrics, such as fabric sofa linings and sofa bottom fabrics. Friends who use this kind of sofa at home should have a deep feeling about this. After two years, when cleaning the sofa, I found that the sofa lining or base cloth is easy to tear when it is removed and washed. This is because these fabrics have already been washed. It's aging.

This is mainly because the manufacturer uses low-quality sofa fabrics in order to reduce costs. In fact, as long as the anti-aging masterbatch (LS-133WH) is added to the production of this fabric, the quality of the sofa will go up several levels. . There are also pillow linings, mobile simple cloth wardrobes, etc., all of which have this problem.

3. PP non-woven fabrics used in agriculture and greening must be anti-aging

The combination of non-woven fabric technology and agricultural technology has produced agricultural non-woven fabrics, and PP non-woven fabrics are the most used agricultural non-woven fabrics.

This type of non-woven fabrics are widely used in the production of fruit bags, agricultural covering materials, plant growth substrate materials, greenhouse materials and materials for farmland water and soil protection in the field of agricultural production at home and abroad, and have achieved significant effects . Since this kind of PP non-woven fabric products have to withstand long-term sun exposure, if they are not subjected to anti-aging treatment, they will be powdered and damaged within one or two months and lose their use value, causing great losses to farmers. This is due to the structural characteristics of PP itself, which are susceptible to aging and degradation due to factors such as heat, oxygen, light, environmental climate, etc. during processing and use, resulting in a greatly shortened product life. Therefore, improving the weather resistance and durability of outdoor PP non-woven fabrics has great economic and social significance.

In the planting of urban lawn green space, this type of non-woven fabric has environmental protection characteristics that are harmless to the environment and plants, effectively changing the traditional lawn planting method, and has the functions of protection, irrigation, and heat preservation.

In the anti-aging aspect of PP non-woven fabric, the main method is to add weather-resistant masterbatch during production, such as the agricultural non-woven fabric weather-resistant masterbatch (LS) developed according to the production process of PP non-woven fabric and outdoor use requirements. -133W, longer service life optional LS-133WL) has excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermo-oxygen stability, high-efficiency light stability and weather resistance, which can significantly extend the service life of such non-woven products. Compared with similar imported masterbatches from abroad, it has a very high cost-effective advantage.

In addition, PP non-woven fabrics are widely used in outdoor products such as sun hats, parasols, outdoor billboards, tents, outdoor backpacks, outdoor sportswear, and automobile outdoor dust covers, which also require anti-aging functions.

4. PP geotechnical non-woven fabrics used in geotechnical and construction fields need more anti-aging!

Around the 1950s, European and American countries began to apply non-woven fabrics to the geotechnical field, and then gradually spread to all parts of the world and achieved rapid development. Among them, PP non-woven fabrics are resistant to deformation, acid, alkali, and insects. It is widely used because of its characteristics such as moth resistance, mold resistance, high strength, convenient storage and transportation, and low price. Please use weather-resistant masterbatch LS-133WL for this kind of geotechnical non-woven fabric.

5. Introduction of LS-133 series anti-aging and weather-resistant masterbatch products

This series of masterbatch products are functional weather-resistant masterbatches prepared with a variety of high-efficiency anti-aging additives and carrier resins through special production and processing technology, which can give PP non-woven fabrics, especially outdoor products Excellent processing stability, outstanding long-term thermal oxygen stability, efficient light stability and weather resistance, can significantly extend its service life, and can be customized according to customer specific requirements. Mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) It can absorb and shield ultraviolet rays in a wide range of wavelengths, and can effectively resist the aging and degradation of PP non-woven fabrics caused by heat, oxygen, light, environment and climate during outdoor use.

(2) The anti-aging ingredients in the PP non-woven fabric have excellent dispersibility, high stability, and lasting action time, which ensures the full play of its anti-aging effect;

(3) Melt fluidity and excellent compatibility that match the PP matrix resin for non-woven fabrics, easy to achieve with the base resin

(4) Excellent processing stability, the thermal decomposition temperature of the product is above 320℃, which fully meets the high temperature and heat resistance requirements of PP spinning, guarantees the continuous production of PP spinning, and avoids the phenomenon of broken filaments during the production process. And affect the normal production, improve production efficiency.

6. Usage and packaging of LS-133 series anti-aging and weather-resistant masterbatch

The masterbatch and the raw materials are directly mixed evenly and can be processed and produced. The recommended addition amount is about 2-4%, which can be adjusted according to actual requirements. The product is packaged in 25KG paper-plastic bags. Please store it in a ventilated and dry place with cushions under it to avoid sunlight and rain.
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