How to save the melt-blown non-woven fabric to guarantee the filtration efficiency of the best

by:Sunshine     2020-09-24
Melt-blown non-woven mask is the core of the filter material, this is mainly decided by filtering mechanism of melt-blown filter material, mainly divided into mechanical barrier and electrostatic adsorption. 1, machinery blocking block has the following several ways: a, size is greater than 5 um droplets in the air the filter material can be cut off. B, dust diameter less than 3 um, dust bent by channel fiber layer masks in the filter material mechanical interception. C, when the particle size and air velocity are larger, capture collisions among the particles, the inertia and fibers, when particles small flow rate is low, bump because of Brownian motion particles on the fiber and was captured. 2, usually by static adsorption on melt-blown fabric production process in processing, I will put on non-woven fabric more static, static adsorption. Electrostatic adsorption refers to the fiber charged when filtering material, through the coulomb force charged fibers of dust capture bacteria and viruses. Way to raise the capacity of electret material charge storage there are two ways: a. By increasing the crystallinity of materials and mechanical deformation, change the structure of the material, form elongated holes channel stop charge drift. b。 By introducing a charge storage performance of the additive to produce electrical charge traps to catch. 3, in extreme reason figure can be seen, improve the efficiency of mask filter, its key lies in the static storage melt-blown non-woven fabric, under the current mask velocity, attenuation of electrostatic shortage about ( Such as factory, after half a month to the user) , the normal medical masks are valid for six months, while Japan some masks are valid for three years. Melt-blown non-woven fabric electret humidity is sensitive to the environment. Senor customers have done an experiment, in normal temperature and humidity, Relative humidity is more than 95%) For seven days, under the condition of positive and negative corona charging sample of sample surface potential decay to the initial value of 28% and 36% respectively. At this time because of melt-blown non-woven fabric has an open structure, the specific surface area is larger, more contact with the surrounding environment, make the moisture in the environment, corrosive gas, heterosexual charged particles, such as more sensitive, at the same time, the corona charging system can only produce low beam can ionic charge, charge injection in the process of charge most of the near surface layer was deposited on the cloth surface fibers. When stored or work in high humidity environment, because the water molecules in the polar groups such as ion of the opposite sex, the atmosphere of the fibers on the compensation effect of high concentration of surface charge and charge a lot of damage. Therefore, in the process of melt-blown fabric transportation, warehousing, and high humidity environment must be avoided.
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