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Hubei accelerates the upgrading of non-woven fabric industry and forging brand

by:Sunshine     2020-01-25
Hubei non-woven fabric industry development site meeting recently in 'China's non-woven fabric town '--Xiantao City was held. Delegates visited Hengtian Jiahua company and Xinfa company, a leading non-woven fabric enterprise in Xiantao city. Xu Kezhen, vice governor of Hubei province, pointed out after listening to the speeches of representatives of enterprises and heads of relevant provincial units, the non-woven fabric industry occupies an important position in the textile industry in Hubei province, leading the industry in terms of development speed, economic benefits and overall strength. This year 1 ~ June in global economic decline big background under Hubei scale more than enterprise the output value of 14. 9 billion yuan contrarian growth 27. 66%, fully indicating that the development potential is huge. Xu Kezhen emphasized that after the rapid development of the non-woven fabric industry, it is in a critical period of transformation from 'manufacturing' to 'creation'. All localities and departments must seize opportunities such as transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, further strengthen policy guidance, strengthen confidence and determination, increase support and service, and focus on accelerating structural adjustment of non-woven products, technologies, regions and organizations, efforts have been made to solve the problems of low technical content, innovation and imperfect market system in the non-woven fabric industry, and increase investment in market development, technology research and development, e-commerce and other platform construction, fully support the non-woven fabric industry to become bigger and stronger, and strive to achieve a main business income of over 50 billion yuan by 2015. He stressed that it is necessary to accurately grasp the opportunity, strengthen confidence and determination, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the non-woven fabric industry. At present, Xiantao City is accelerating the leap-forward development of the non-woven fabric industry and actively building a famous non-woven fabric city in China. (China teachers' daily)
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