( In 2020 China non-woven industry market development present situation and the competition pattern analysis]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-21
, non-woven production growing steadily non-woven fabric and nonwoven fabric, is composed of directional or random fiber. In recent years, the nonwovens industry is developing rapidly in China, our country has become a global zui nonwoven producers and consumers. In 2018, the Chinese nonwovens production amounted to 593. 220000 tons, accounting for 37 of the total global nonwovens production. 91%, an increase of 5. 7%. Forward-looking measure according to the Chinese nonwovens production growth in recent years, in 2019 China nonwovens production amount estimated to be 6. 31 million tons. In addition, according to the data of Chinese industrial textiles industry association, 2019 industrial enterprises above designated size of nonwovens production reached 5. 03 million tons, year-on-year growth of 9. 9%. Second, non-woven products competition segment non-woven industry a short technological process, high output, low cost, fast variety changes, raw material sources, etc. According to its process flow, non-woven fabrics can be divided into spunlaced nonwoven, heat-sealing non-woven, pulp flow into net non-woven, wet non-woven, spun-bonded non-woven, melt-blown non-woven fabric, needle-punched nonwoven fabric, stitch-bonded nonwoven cloth, etc. In 2018, our country mainly spun-bonded non-woven non-woven fabric market, production reached 297. Reached 120000 tons, accounting for more than 50. 09%; Followed by acupuncture non-woven production for 136 process. 20000 tons, accounting for more than 22. 96%; Core components and it is worth noting that the mask of melt-blown cloth production accounted for only 0. 9%. Third, the competition pattern of the non-woven fabric in - — Industrial cluster is gathered in the eastern coastal areas than in developed countries, non-woven industry starts late in our country. At present, our country has six major non-woven production base, which located in henan changyuan city, garden city, hubei province, shaoxing, zhejiang province, shandong zibo, yizheng city, jiangsu province and guangdong province nanhai district. From the perspective of the distribution of the map, our non-woven industry cluster more gathered in the eastern coastal areas. — — Non-woven production in shandong province to exceed one million tons, according to top QYResearch data shows that non-woven fabric production in China are mainly distributed in shandong, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangxi, jiangsu and other places. Among them, 104 non-woven production in shandong province in 2018. 220000 tons, accounting for non-woven production of the country's 17. The top 57%; The second is production in zhejiang province is for 96. 210000 tons, accounting for more than 16. 22%. The above data from prospective industry research institute in China non-woven industry market demand prospects and investment planning and analysis report, at the same time, forward-looking industry research institute to provide a large industry data, application of industry planning, industry, industrial park planning, industrial investment promotion and capital introduction and other solutions.
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