( In march, elastic nonwoven let you more healthy, more comfortable! ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-13
Entering in March, heralds the spring is coming. Many spring dust, sensitive physique friends can suffer at this time, dizziness, rhinitis, bosom frowsty, cough lets a person want to cry. To resist these bacteria, dust, masks as item is essential. By elastic non-woven fabrics for the production of raw materials into the mask has a lot of advantages, let lai chi small make up take you have a look at it. 1, elastic non-woven fabric has a soft texture, environmental non-toxic breathable, natural antibacterial and other advantages, more for patches, ears hang material such as 3 d face mask. Elastic cloth ears hang facial fit more closely with us, it is very convenient to wear comfortable, fashionable, good performance and diversification. 2, elastic nonwoven are widely used in medical and health protection articles, special labor protection and ears hang material such as beauty sauna industry. Applied to the mask, the stretchability and resilient skin tight, the wearer less pressure, close-fitting and comfortable, easy to through the die cutting process, reduce the cost of production line. 3, elastic nonwoven PP medical grade materials production, don't add any reworked material and back to the material. 4, elastic non-woven fabric has good scalability, elasticity non-woven fabric is elastic, because join the elastic masterbatch. So much of the non-woven fabric do you want to know where to find?
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