Increase the added value of 'environmentally friendly shopping bags' for specific consumer groups

by:Sunshine     2020-05-21
Although'Environmentally friendly shopping bag' It has the advantages of repeated use and no pollution to the environment, but even if it is known in the eyes of consumers, it will still buy ordinary shopping bags to a large extent because'Environmentally friendly shopping bag' The price is several times higher than that of ordinary shopping bags, although 3- The price of 4 yuan is not much in the eyes of the specific consumer groups in the consumer mall, but it is still not worth buying a bag at this price. Even if consumers put'Environmentally friendly shopping bag' I bought it back, but the next time I consume it, it will not necessarily bring it. Even if it can be used repeatedly, it will not escape the same as ordinary shopping bags'Disposable'Destiny. Many people think that the home is not without a cloth bag, it is not used to it, of course, will not buy another one back; Some people also think that disposable plastic bags in supermarkets can be used as garbage bags for free, killing two birds with one stone, and it is of little use to buy environmental protection bags back. For reusable shopping bags, citizens' complaints are basically concentrated on'Do not buy convenient and affordable'On. However, many people are not sure whether the bag is really environmentally friendly, because the shopping bag does not specify in detail what materials are used to make the bag, where is the environmental protection, and what is special compared with ordinary plastic bags, this is naturally unconvincing, so it is necessary to clarify a lot of benefits of reusable shopping bags: breathable, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, antibacterial, anti-static, durable, generally, fabrics that are rich in color and easy to decompose are easy to decompose in nature, which is very environmentally friendly. Secondly, according to the consumption behavior and consumption habits of specific consumer groups in the consumption Mall, different styles are designed for specific consumer groups'Environmentally friendly shopping bag', For example :' In the design, it is necessary to be unique, to be fashionable in style, to be chic and elegant in style, etc . . . . . . ' In short, it should be related to the psychological needs of the consumers who come to shop, which will increase to a large extent'Environmentally friendly shopping bag' The price/performance ratio makes it easier for consumers to accept it. The domestic shopping malls and supermarkets are actually promising, designing a novel and fashionable environmental protection package, leading an environmentally friendly fashion style! When people go shopping with beautiful environmental protection bags, they not only reveal the environmental protection message of using less plastic bags, but also make bags made of cloth bags, bamboo branch bags, rattan bags or straw interlaced with natural materials, maybe it will be a hot trend item this summer.
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