International dialogue is also calm: look at the upgrading of Xiantao non-woven fabric industry

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
Pengchang, located 10 kilometers away from Xiantao suburb, the hometown of gymnastics, is a place awarded 'famous town of non-woven fabrics in China. In the local area, non-woven fabrics are commonly known as 'non-woven fabrics '. Today, the source of this new billion industrial cluster of Xiantao is marching on the track of transformation and upgrading at a high speed, competing for the 'right to speak' to the international market '. On the afternoon of January 9, in the fully purified workshop of Zhongling branch of Xinfa Plastic Company in Pengchang town, a row of female workers' fingers in front of the operating table flew up and down, and surgical gowns were instantly stacked neatly. 'We have more than 600 people in 6 workshops, and we can do about 120 thousand pieces a day. The factory has more than pieces a day. 'Chen Xiangshun, head of Zhongling branch, told reporters that all the company's products were exported to the United States, and the signed orders were enough for them to be busy until August this year, and now they are short of manpower. Founded in 1992, Xinfa is the originator of Xiantao's non-woven fabric industry, earning 38 million US dollars from exports last year. From the production of shoe covers, breathable films, to the export of medical materials, the company was rated as 'Hubei province high-tech transformation traditional product demonstration enterprise '. 'Pengchang covers an area of 162 square kilometers, has 218 non-woven fabric affiliated enterprises, has 40 thousand skilled workers, and achieved an output value of 8 billion last year. 'The figures told reporters by Tu Xuejun, secretary of the town committee of Pengchang town, show the consciousness and success of the transformation and upgrading of Xiantao nonwoven industry. In the crisis, the pedestrian self-contained non-woven fabric, and the Xiantao non-woven fabric economy with Pengchang town as the source of the project has emerged from a 'rise-Qiangsheng-Wilting-The path of 'Rise. In the 1990s S, Pengchang township enterprises started to form leading industries--Non-woven fabric. In 2003, SARS raged; On 2008, the state promulgated a 'plastic ban order '; In 2009, influenza A (H1N1) spread . . . . . . After three major events, Xiantao non-woven fabric industry cluster entered the top 1/4 competitiveness of county industrial clusters in the country. Xiantao non-woven fabric accounted for of the national market share and of the global market share. 2010 Xiantao non-woven fabric success breakthrough billions yuan mark international financial crisis spread many enterprise in advance 'Winter '. In the face of adversity, Xiantao non-woven fabric industry cluster chose to break through, and Pengchang took the lead-- Within two years, workshop-style enterprises entered the merger and elimination, and large-scale enterprises embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading. Xinfa, Yumin and other industry leaders took the lead. Among them, Xinfa company invested 1. Four new high-grade non-woven fabric production lines cost 0. 2 billion yuan, with the focus of products shifting from low-end products to medical products. On May 2011, Huatai Group and Zhaoji industry entered, bringing 11. A capital injection of 0. 5 billion yuan. Among them, Huatai and Pengchang cooperated to build a non-woven industrial park and a non-woven warehouse logistics exhibition center. Zhaoji industrial built a China non-woven logistics trading center in Pengchang Industrial Park. At the end of the same year, the central enterprise China Hengtian group settled in Pengchang, and invested with Xiantao Jiahua Plastic Products Co. , Ltd. to establish Hengtian Jiahua nonwoven Co. , Ltd. , and opened a world high-end non-woven fabric industry demonstration park with a total investment of 0. 5 billion yuan. What does transformation mean? From low cost, low added value to technological and high added value, today's Pengchang non-woven fabric industry has initially formed a complete industrial system integrating product development, raw material production, product processing, auxiliary materials matching and logistics and transportation. The transformation of ordinary products to high-end products, the transformation of ordinary workshops to aseptic workshops, and the transformation of manual processing to mechanical processing have greatly improved the industrial level. At present, the proportion of medical products in major enterprises in the town's non-woven fabric industry has reached 80%, and the proportion of various medium and high-end products has reached 50%. Transformation and Upgrading of core competitiveness industry transformation and upgrading, forging the core competitiveness of Xiantao non-woven fabric industry, making Pengchang a weathervane and barometer of the national non-woven fabric industry. Foreign companies and local enterprises frequently come to seek cooperation: Shandong Dezhou Oriental shares invested 0. 3 billion yuan to build Pengchang to make up for the gap in the industry-- Geotextile projects to be launched for engineering construction; The world authority in the field of non-woven fabrics has signed a contract with Hengtian Jiahua to build the world's first Laifen spinning composite non-woven fabric production line in Pengchang, which is expected to be put into production by the end of 2013 . . . . . . Entering the non-woven International Club, Peng Chang began to work hard to build the 'world's non-woven capital '. In the 2013 industrial development plan, Pengchang town government proposed to build the country's largest non-woven fabric production base, export base, logistics trading center, testing center and research and development center based on relevant enterprises. Together with the international giants of the non-woven fabric industry, they have the right to speak and consolidate the existing non-woven fabric export pricing power . . . . . . This vision is becoming a reality. After the transformation and upgrading, the goal is higher. The person in charge of the Party committee of Pengchang town said that it will strive to achieve production and sales of non-woven fabrics of more than 15 billion yuan by 2015, and the number of enterprises above designated size will grow to more than 150. The foreign exchange earned from exports will exceed 0. 4 billion US dollars, and the tax payment will exceed 0. 3 billion yuan. (Enshi Daily)
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