International discussion on anti-infection nonwoven application

by:Sunshine     2020-04-25
At a time when avian influenza virus is appearing in some parts of the world and there are signs of spread, the European non-woven materials Association recently organized the world's first seminar on the application of non-woven materials in anti-infection. At the meeting, the mechanism and main performance requirements of non-woven fabrics in medical infection prevention were mainly discussed. This year, the bird flu virus has spread and expanded, and how to control the virus infection has become the focus of discussion. The representative of our country introduced the contribution of N95 masks, composite protective clothing, disinfection wet wipes and other products produced by China's non-manufacturing industry to fight SARS in 2003. By summarizing the lessons learned by the domestic nonwoven industry in fighting SARS, the representative of our country proposed to strengthen the international non-woven industry's cooperative research on anti-virus non-woven materials and to formulate the world's unified standards for non-woven materials for medical and health protection as soon as possible, which has been recognized by international people.
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