Is your wallpaper 'Blue Angel? --How much does environmental wallpaper know?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
The popularity rate of wallpaper in Europe and the United States has reached more than 70%, while in Japan and South Korea it is as high as about 90%. However, many people's evaluation of wallpaper still remains in the impression of inferior foamed wallpaper in 1980s. In fact, as a high-quality wall material, wallpaper has not developed in the past, in strict technical and quality monitoring, it is playing a multi-functional, decorative and spatial role. Now the small editor of our family will show you the new indicators and wind direction of wallpaper and make a magic change for your wall. Materials from nature are easily believed and received by most people. Although they are still inseparable from some artificial chemical additives in the process of being processed, they are highly environmentally friendly. Let all kinds of people use it safely. In particular, wallpaper products for infants and young children must meet the highest environmental protection requirements to prevent harm to children with fast metabolism, weak detoxification ability and allergy. (1) Non-woven wallpaper, made of cloth pulp fiber or wood pulp fiber, is the most popular new green environmental protection wallpaper material in the world at present. It is a kind of wallpaper formed by non-woven natural plant fibers such as cotton and linen, does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine. The visual effect and feel are soft and breathable. This kind of wallpaper has a single bottom, no paper base, and adopts the advanced technology of direct printing and color matching, which is richer than the wallpaper pattern on the fabric surface. (2) Fabric Surface wallpaper, the surface layer is made of cloth, hemp, silk, satin, tweed or thin felt as raw materials, visually and feel soft, comfortable, elegant, some silk and silk fabrics are very beautiful because of the reflective effect of their fibers, but such wallpaper is more expensive. The surface of the cloth surface is made up of natural fabrics, with high shrinkage rate and sensitivity to pollution. Products of different batch numbers are more likely to have color difference. (3) Pure paper wallpaper, printed directly on special heat-resistant paper, embossed, green and environmentally friendly, pure and gorgeous color, matte surface reflects a natural and comfortable intimacy, and its air permeability is good, cracks are not easy to burst and have good environmental protection. When paving, you must use imported environmental protection glue. It is best to use water-based wallpaper glue made of potato powder. Super environmental label-Blue Angel posted on the wallpaperBlue Angel' The logo indicates that the wallpapers are mainly made of recyclable pure paper, and the wallpapers on the surface have already met the third part of the German industrial standard DINEN71. 'Safety of children's toys'Standard. ▲ The logo indicates that it absolutely does not need to use any potentially toxic raw materials to produce wallpaper. The potentially toxic raw materials include: inks containing heavy metals or toxins, especially soft solvents that are easy to volatilize and explode, CFC, lead and cadmium for curing, solvent containing chloride or aromatic compounds. In addition, anything containing vinyl chloride must not be used. The limit amount of formaldehyde must be controlled below 50% of the legal standard.
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