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Japanese businessmen develop new flame retardant silent aromatic nylon fiber non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-03-07
According to reports, Japan's Dongli Dupont, Yicun industry and Gao 'an jointly announced the use of 'kephora (Kevlar) Aromatic nylon fiber has successfully developed a new type of non-woven fabric with high flame retardant and high sound absorption. The three companies will put into production and sell this new material for the field of automotive interior materials. This new type of non-woven fabric adopts the bonding technology and gap control technology independently developed by the three companies, and the proportion of kephora fiber is 20 ~ In 30% of the cases, the self-extinguishing function of kephora fiber can be used to burn the tear phenomenon of polyester (Dripping after liquefaction)And fire spread control at a low level. The special structure of gap control technology improves the sound absorption of non-woven fabrics. The sound absorption is improved by converting the sound energy from the small gaps in the non-woven fabric into the thermal energy of the vibrating fiber monofilament. The sound absorption rate is about twice as high as that of the material mixed with polyester and polypropylene in the past.
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