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Japanese emperor developed longitudinal fiber non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-03-05
A few days ago, Emperor fiber announced that it would introduce non-woven fabric manufacturing equipment arranged vertically. 'V-Lap' And officially launched high-elasticity, light weight high-performance non-woven fabric business. This non-woven fabric is expected to be used for seat cushions, bedding and mattresses, car sound-absorbing materials and thermal insulation materials for cars, trams and furniture. Previously, the company was committed to utilizing polyester fiber buffer materials'Elk' Such as the commercial operation of polyester non-woven fabric products made of raw cotton, and has been exploring and expanding new businesses. Longitudinal non-woven fabrics have finally developed products with high performance in terms of buffer materials for the purpose of replacing polyurethane and sound-absorbing materials mainly for automobiles. In the past, polyester non-woven fabrics had the disadvantages of low resilience, poor tolerance to upper and lower pressure and easy loss of elasticity due to the horizontal arrangement of fibers. In contrast, V- ▲ Non-woven fabrics are arranged vertically, plus high-performance raw cotton developed by Emperor Group ('Elk''SOLOTEX'Etc) Therefore, it has the characteristics of high resilience, resistance to upper and lower direction pressure, less looseness, low density and high ventilation, and easy bending and forming. (Textile and Clothing weekly)
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