Ke Qiao's exports grew in double digits, and non-woven fabrics welcomed 'good days'

by:Sunshine     2020-03-04
During this period, hehe fiber company, a subsidiary of Xialu xinzhongtian group, showed a busy scene, with various trucks coming in and out, and nearly a hundred tons of non-woven fabrics were sent from here to home and abroad every day. Under the severe and complicated economic situation, this summer's non-woven fabric industry has a good 'landscape' and maintains good export performance. According to statistics, 1- In March, the export of non-woven fabrics in Ke Qiao district reached 14. 54 million US dollars, up year on year. 32%, the industry with the highest export growth rate in the region. 'Since the Spring Festival this year, our production orders have been very tight. Xu Shouming, general manager of Hezhong Fiber Co. , Ltd. , told reporters that although the company added a new spunlaced non-woven fabric production line last year and currently has five production lines, due to the increase in orders from old customers such as South Korea and Japan this year, as well as the increase in new customers such as Vietnam, production and sales in short supply in the first quarter of this year, with exports of nearly 21% US dollars in three months, an increase. This is the enviable performance created by Hezhong fiber company. Also living a 'good day' is another non-woven fabric leading enterprise--Zhuang Jie non-textile company, a subsidiary of Yuewang group. This year, the company's export market has shown a diversified pattern. On the basis of its original market in South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States, it has successfully opened up markets such as Africa, effectively increasing the proportion of export. At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of the international market, the company has stepped up its development of medical products and started to march into thick cotton non-woven fabrics such as home decoration wallpaper. It is worth mentioning that in the face of a good sales situation, the decision-making level of Zhonghe fiber company is not complacent, but pays more attention to opening up overseas markets. Not long ago, Hezhong fiber company participated in the international non-woven fabric exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland for the first time, displaying non-woven fabric products produced from special raw materials such as Tencel and cotton in the international market. 'Going to the high-end international market is our company's pursuit. 'Xu Shouming said that only by constantly opening up the market can enterprises pick orders.
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