Kexiang photo paper wallpaper, simple style can be laid in large areas

by:Sunshine     2020-01-06
Wallpaper uses the clever and smooth lines to create a variety of fascinating abstract spaces, and the lively and warm interpretation of home life is vividly explained. This is why almost every family now uses wallpaper. Today, we recommend a non-woven wallpaper with simple patterns and gold foil, which is very modern and fashionable. Product Display: evaluation brand: Kexiang wallpaper evaluation product: Kexiang wallpaper DE87606 copy paper wallpaper product price: 450 yuan/volume, special price 330 yuan/volume (End of the month)Product specifications: 0. 53*10m product material: copy paper Tel: 010- 88155003 15810340859 evaluation location: Jimei home dinghuiqiao building materials Hall, second floor, first floor, simple and generous appearance wallpaper, no too many dazzling patterns, colors, simple geometric outlines, gold as a base lining, really good-looking, light color simple appearance is very suitable for large-area paving, and the golden background is shining under the light, which can enhance the brightness and texture of the entire space. Second, the paper base this copy paper wallpaper is divided into two levels, the bottom layer is the paper base, the top layer is the decorative layer, Xiaobian tear open one end of the wallpaper, you can clearly see the thick fiber wire, photo Paper wallpaper is more chemical fiber and plant fiber mixed and non-woven, harmless to human body and environment, fully in line with environmental safety standards. Tip: wallpaper stickers are required for textile wallpaper posting. Wallpaper glue, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and other related accessories are easy to buy in the local building materials market. Generally, workers who post wallpapers will post them, and the working hours are not expensive. According to the local market conditions, they are generally 5 ~ per square meter ~ 15 yuan. Third, the odorless environmental protection wallpaper will not have any taste, there is only a faint smell of paper and ink, the evaluation staff close to Kexiang this wallpaper carefully smelled, and did not have any pungent taste. Evaluation Summary: after repeated tests by the evaluator, the quality of this wallpaper is also naked. In addition to the waterproof performance is not very ideal, Kexiang's photo paper wallpaper is relatively environmentally friendly, the light color is easy to match with the home, and the elegant color is very suitable for the modern simple style of the family. Other products of Kexiang wallpaper Display: Kexiang wallpaper
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