Knowledge Delivery: detailed classification of products in non-woven fabric industry

by:Sunshine     2020-01-13
Non-woven fabric raw materials, polyester-like fiber polyolefin fiber polyamide fiber polypropylene fine fiber polyvinyl alcohol fiber regenerated fiber other synthetic fiber other natural fiber other materials, process non-woven fabric, spunlaced non-woven hot-bonded non-woven wet non-woven spunbonded non-woven needle-punched non-woven melt-blown Non-Woven printed non-woven pulp air-woven Other non-woven more, medical and health care and labor protection, mask bandage cotton ball curtain sheet round hat kimono underwear briefs visual clothing sauna clothing isolation clothing surgical clothing patient clothing nurse clothing protective clothing hat work cap soft pad mirror paper dust bag sanitary napkin sterilization cloth wet towel diapers mask care pad mask towel baby diaper PE shower cap PE sleeve PE shoe cover CPE shoe cover PVC shoe cover non-woven shoe cover mattress non-woven other supplies more, home and decoration, carpet base cloth curtain rag tablecloth napkin bowl cover cushion sleeping bag tent tea bag wine bag gift bag advertising bag cleaning bag coffee bag shopping bag green bag ironing felt air conditioning cover car cover pillowcase dust cloth filter cloth rain cloth PE apron non-woven apron storage wall material furniture decoration dry and wet bright cloth other supplies more, environmental protection and gardening, breeding cloth, frost prevention, insect insulation, covering soil and water conservation, soilless cultivation, artificial vegetation protection, lawn plant root protection and other supplies, other non-woven automobile industry products, national defense and military products, non-woven fabric recyclable waste for other industries, clothing shoe leather and fabric, clothing lining underwear coat fabric base cloth shoe cover clothing set gloves lining warm wool filling bags lining shoes non-woven other supplies more accessories and packaging, zipper button yarn rubber band printing processing knitted cuffs clothing label PE packaging bag sterilization bag inner box outer box other accessories more, industrial applications, asphalt cloth absorbent pad fireproof cloth insulation cloth dust bag sand-proof clothing lubrication pad wipe cloth sterile clothing experimental clothing conveyor belt sound-absorbing felt antistatic clothing polishing material grinding products Cable cloth flame retardant product absorption material battery diaphragm disposable felt paper-making felt waterproof insulation felt antibacterial non-woven plastic reinforced cloth more other products of adhesive tape, mechanical equipment and accessories, beating machine, cutting machine, packaging machine, printing machine, hair burning machine, laminating machine, pressing machine, laminating machine automatic equipment non-woven bag making machine non-woven fabric production line other machinery more
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