Knowledge Delivery: environmental protection performance mainstream wallpaper material introduction

by:Sunshine     2020-01-12
Wallpapers are divided into different substrates: PVC plastic wallpaper, cloth-based PVC wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper, paper wallpaper, photo paper wallpaper, diatomite wallpaper, luminous storage wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, metal wallpaper, gold and silver foil wallpaper wait. Strictly speaking, the current wallpaper of big brands can meet the national environmental protection standards and can be purchased with confidence. In different materials, the environmental protection performance is outstanding as follows: wood pulp fiber wallpaper wood fiber wallpaper is a green environmental protection product made of pure natural wood chips. This wallpaper has excellent performance and is a classic and practical high-grade wallpaper. It is composed of wood fine fiber silk surface or polyester extracted from Nordic special tree species and is made of matte pigment (Flowers, linen extraction) , Soft and natural, easy to match with furniture, a wide variety of colors; There is no chemical damage to the human body, the air permeability is good, and the moisture and moisture on the wall can pass through the wallpaper; Long-term use, will not have the feeling of suffocation, durable, can be scrubbed with water, can be cleaned with a brush; The anti-pulling effect is better than that of ordinary wallpaper 8 ~ 10 times; Anti-mildew, moisture-proof, anti-mite, service life is 2 ~ of ordinary wallpaper ~ 3 times. Pure paper wallpaper full paper wallpaper mainly consists of grass, bark and modern high-grade new natural reinforced wood pulp (Wood fiber silk containing 10%) Such as processing, paper as the base material, printed and embossed. Pure paper wallpaper is natural, comfortable and friendly. It is not easy to tilt, foam, odor-free, environmentally friendly and breathable. It is a special wallpaper designated for children's rooms in Europe. In particular, the modern New reinforced wood pulp wallpaper has the characteristics of scrub resistance, anti-static resistance and no dust collection. Paper wallpaper is produced by mixing natural color rice paper such as GE, rattan, silk, silk, hemp, straw root and coconut silk with paper base. So its price is also expensive. It gives people a sense of simplicity, nature, elegance and vulgarity. It has been enduring in Japan for more than one thousand years and has been favored by people of insight from all sides. Paper wallpaper is more durable than ordinary paper, strong and free of mites, stable product, and it also has anti-fouling, waterproof, fireproof and uniform color without spots. In terms of use, attention should be paid to its strong scalability and the glue cannot overflow the joint when pasting. Copy Paper wallpaper is made of pure copy paper. The surface is printed with water-based ink and then coated with special materials. It is specially processed and has the advantages of sound absorption, ventilation, moisture dissipation and no deformation. This kind of wallpaper has the beauty of nature, simplicity and simplicity, and is rich in pastoral atmosphere, giving people the feeling of being in the natural wilderness. This kind of direct printing copy paper product does not contain PVC, has good air permeability, does not help mold growth, is easy to post, is easy to peel off, has no gaps, has natural quality, and is unique! Base paper and surface coating have a feather-like mesh mechanism, waterproof and high breathing power, friendly, natural, casual, comfortable and green.
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