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( 'Lai chi' non-woven fabric manufacturer: non-woven fabric manufacturing method, to understand it? ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-20
Non-woven fabric, this can be seen everywhere in our life, do you know how it is produced? The following let lai chi small make up to you to introduce. According to the thickness, non-woven fabrics can be divided into two major categories of thin and thick, thin weight for 20 ~ 100 g/m2, used for clothing lining. Cloth, handkerchief, women's health supplies, etc. , thick type weight more than 100 g/m2. Used as flocculus, carpet, filtering material, roadbed cloth, etc. And if it is according to the manufacturing methods, it can be divided into the following several kinds: dry process manufacturing non-woven fabric: use comb mechanism of fibres, and bonding. Also can use compressed air to make structure uneven rhyme fiber, then through adhesive reinforcement, drying, heat setting and calender, made into finished products. Wet manufacturing non-woven fabric: to simulate the papermaking process, the fiber break up, to make the suspended in the aqueous solution of adhesive, form a paste, then flat out on the screen and drain, then through drying, calendering, become a finished product. Melting method manufacturing non-woven fabric: use a set of shower nozzle to many chemical fiber filament in transmission and low melting polymer injection cloth cloth, make become irregular fiber, and then to hot pressing shaped, borrow the low melting point of polymer blends filament knot. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD, now has annual output of more than 4000 square meters elastic nonwoven production line, SSS non-woven fabric production line, SMS non-woven production line and a series of flexible processing equipment, is a professional, trustworthy non-woven fabric manufacturers.
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