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( Lai chi stretch non-woven mask ear hang, let you say goodbye to 'le mark']

by:Sunshine     2020-05-14
Traditional masks ears hang is long and thin, wearing time is long will le ears, indentation. Made of elastic nonwoven ears hang, wearing a comfortable, soft, no stimulation, especially close skin, not face. Lai chi stretch non-woven mask ear hang, let you say goodbye to the 'mark'. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Is specialized in the spring of the non-woven fabric manufacturer, the production of elastic nonwovens has the following characteristics: two-way transverse elastic, elastic moderate size, adhesive elastic nonwoven, not people. Good fibre fineness, soft and uniform cloth. Lai chi stretch non-woven ventilation performance is good, is mainly used for health care with the patch, masks, etc. , high elastic non-woven fabrics, feel is silky soft and comfortable, good resilience, can direct contact with the skin without a thorn, both the elastic, and not ordinary pressure bandage. Elastic non-woven mask ear hang, lai chi let you say goodbye to 'le mark'!
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