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Last year, the sales volume of disposable sanitary products in China was about 18 billion yuan

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
This newspaper (Reporter Zhang maijian) What are the consumer preferences of Chinese consumers for disposable hygiene and personal care products? What is the future development of each market segment? What emerging markets are there? Which technologies and products are cost-effective, can help manufacturers improve their competitiveness, give consumers more comfort and safety, while meeting environmental and other regulatory requirements? These questions were answered more or less by the delegates at the just-concluded Third Shanghai symposium on the application of non-woven technology in disposable health and personal care products. The seminar sponsored by the international non-woven industry business magazine attracted more than 120 professional and technical personnel from manufacturers and enterprises of women's hygiene products, baby diapers, adult incontinence products and personal hygiene care wipes at home and abroad. participate. According to the reporter's understanding, the seminar has expanded in terms of scale, content and areas involved compared with the previous two sessions. In addition to in-depth discussion of hot issues of industry concern, new situations in the domestic and international markets, regulations and technical fields of disposable health and personal care products have been discussed. In addition, for the first time, the meeting involved issues such as how to expand the application scope of personal care wipes and traditional disposable health and personal care products and the possibility of cross-industry connection. At the seminar, some experts, scholars and technicians from non-woven fabric enterprises at home and abroad introduced the latest achievements of their respective research and answered questions from delegates. With the sustained and stable growth of China's economy, China's disposable hygiene products and personal care products have become a new type of industry in the development stage of the health system. It is reported that the global total trade in sanitary products and materials exceeds 200 billion US dollars each year, using of household paper per capita. However, China is a large consumer with a population of 1. 3 billion, but only 9kg of household paper is used per capita. In 2006, the sales volume of disposable sanitary products in China was about 18 billion yuan, less than 10% of the global sales volume. At the same time, the number of newborn babies in China is about 16 million per year, of which about 3. 5 million are urban newborns. According to the per capita cost of 500 yuan, the total market value of disposable sanitary products for mothers and infants will reach 105 billion yuan, coupled with the normal consumption of disposable sanitary products per capita in the country, the market prospect of sanitary products in China is very broad.
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