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Lining cloth industry wants to hold a group to try heating Alliance

by:Sunshine     2020-05-29
'The lining cloth industry should try to keep warm in groups, and five or ten companies should join forces to jointly purchase and sell, bringing together five or six advantages, try semi-Alliance to close alliance and then to formal alliance. Enterprises with common values can be packaged and listed together with hiyatu vertical alliance or horizontal alliance, lining series Enterprise Alliance and even cross-industry alliance, become a big company in China's non-woven fabric enterprises. 'A few days ago, the 15th th session ended in Shanghai (2014) At the National New lining technology, information and business exhibition exchange meeting, hiyatu (Shanghai) Zhang Yongsheng, chairman of non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. , appealed to the delegates. By hiyatu (Shanghai)The 15th th session sponsored by non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd (2014) The National New lining technology, information and business exhibition exchange meeting was held recently. Representatives of 220 enterprises from Shanghai Textile Engineering Society, Qingdao University textile and clothing College, Shanghai Textile Technology Service Exhibition Center and National lining industry attended the meeting and witnessed 'Shen Yin Wanguo recommends xiyatu's new third edition to be listed' the signing ceremony. At the meeting, Ma Jianwei, vice president of Qingdao University's School of clothing, made a keynote speech on 'textile and clothing facing a period of rapid technological replacement in the past decade. He said that the development of the clothing industry and consumer demand have promoted the development of adhesive lining, which has made a number of enterprises and entrepreneurs. The fabric brings opportunities to the lining industry, and there are also some problems. For example, the waterproof treatment of waterproof and breathable fabrics makes the adhesive lining difficult to stick, and the effect of the breathable and heat-dissipating fabric sticking a layer of lining, how to guarantee the functions of warm and warm fabrics such as sweat-wicking, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, anti-static and anti-radiation. The change of fabric puts forward higher requirements for the technical content of lining cloth. With rising costs, shrinking exports and increasing consumer demand, price war has no future. In addition, Ma Jianwei stressed that lining cloth plays a huge role in clothing intelligence, which is a new opportunity for lining cloth industry. Alliances between enterprises and technical institutions and alliances between upstream and downstream industries are good choices. Representatives of Wenzhou huate Hot Melt Adhesive Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Tianyang Hot Melt Adhesive Co. , Ltd. spoke on the spot. In addition, Chen bangwei, an expert in the textile and clothing industry, gave professional training to representatives of participating enterprises; Bikelu of Shanghai Textile Science Research Institute spoke on the theme of 'working hard to build a century-old Chinese lining enterprise. Zhang Yongsheng said that China, which has entered the adjustment period, is a big lining country, but not a strong country. The lining industry standing at the inflection point is facing a new situation and a new environment. Enterprises must also make strategic adjustments and explore new development opportunities. When talking about the future development direction of hiyatu company, Zhang Yongsheng believes that three key points should be grasped: first, innovation, mainly including internal innovation and external innovation; The second is the combination of production and finance, first on the new third edition, while producing and carrying out capital operations; The third is to try the alliance, and then package the listing together, enter the stock capital market to enlarge the value of the company.
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