( Medical non-woven fabric need to be cleaned? Can medical non-woven cleaning? ]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-17
Can medical non-woven cleaning? Medical non-woven fabric need to be cleaned? We often have such problems, some use up feelings can also be used again, throw away is a pity, but some medical non-woven can be used only once, can't use again. Today, lai chi medical non-woven need to wash is to tell you about? Can you wash? Medical non-woven fabric after finished then basically threw, because this is in order to be able to protect patients and medical staff from infection, and also to prevent other medical machinery is contaminated. But sometimes, throwing a non-woven basically can not, dirty it needs a good cleaning. 1, the medical non-woven into the warm water containing detergent, soak tens of minutes. Rub gently with the hand, don't too hard, pay attention to it can avoid the failure. After then rush clean detergent, flat, dry again. 2, use dry lotion to clean, also is easier. 3, some medical non-woven packaging marked 'do not wash', 'only can use wet cloth to wipe the words,' this time need to use wet cloth to wipe. But if it is not clean, can only be thrown away. Because of the high medical nonwoven cloth cleaning requirements of it, after all, the question of whether involving infection, so recommend no matter use what way to clean, be sure to remember to clean.
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