( Medical non-woven fabric, you must understand the ten questions]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-17
In dongyang, zhejiang province, have a professional high-quality medical non-woven fabric manufacturer - Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. , lai chi was founded in 2015, annual output of more than 4000 square meters medical non-woven production line. Lai chi adheres to the concept of 'seiko quality, fine service' for the general customers to provide services, lai chi main products are: medical non-woven fabric, elastic nonwoven, spun-bonded non-woven, non-woven fabric, etc. Today, lai chi will give you a brief introduction of the attention when choosing medical non-woven fabric from several aspects. Along with the continuous renewal of sterilization items packing materials with the rapid development of medical non-woven fabric as sterilization items packing materials have been entering the disinfection supply center at various levels and of the hospital. How to give good medical non-woven fabric quality, you must pay attention to medical non-woven the ten aspects. 1, medical non-woven fabric is different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabric. Ordinary non-woven fabric does not have resistance bacteria; Composite non-woven fabric waterproof effect is good, poor permeability, commonly used in gown and surgical bed sheets, etc. ; Medical non-woven fabric is using spun-bonded, melt-blown, spun-bonded ( SMS) The process of pressing, adopts three layer melt-blown SMMMS structure, with resistance bacteria, the characteristics of hydrophobic, breathable, no dander. Packaging sterilization items, for one-time use, no need to clean. 2, medical non-woven fabric quality standard request: used for sterilization of medical equipment medical non-woven packaging materials, and shall be in line with the GB/T19633 and YY/T0698 at the same time. 2 specification requirements. 3, non-woven fabric is the use of the period of validity: the validity of the medical non-woven fabric itself is commonly 2 ~ 3 years, the validity of the product of different manufacturer is slightly different, please refer to the instructions. With medical non-woven packaging of sterile items, the period of validity should be for 180 d, and is not affected by way of sterilization. 4, used for non-woven sterilization packaging items to 50 g/m2 and subtract 5 grams is advisable. 5, medical non-woven packaging surgical instruments, the use of closed type packing method, should be 2 layers of non-woven points two package, repeated folding can form a long winding path, prevent microbial 'easily' to enter the sterilization bags, non-woven material, not 2 layer 1 packaging. 6, medical non-woven fabric after high temperature sterilization, change the internal result, the influence on the performance of the sterilization medium penetration and resistance bacteria, therefore, medical non-woven fabric used shall not repeat sterilization. 7, due to the hydrophobic properties of non-woven fabric, too much, heavy metal equipment after high temperature sterilization, cooling, condensation water in the process of susceptible to wet package. Therefore, in the large equipment package cushion absorbent material, properly reduce the load of sterilizer, interspace between the sterilization bags, extended drying time, try to avoid to produce wet package. 8, hydrogen peroxide plasma should choose 'tyvek' non-woven, cannot use medical non-woven fabric containing plant fiber, plant fiber can absorb hydrogen peroxide. 9, although medical non-woven fabric does not belong to medical apparatus and instruments, but about the sterilization quality of medical equipment, medical non-woven fabric as the quality of packaging material itself, and the packing method is very important to ensure that aseptic level. 10, with reference to manufacturers provide conforms to the requirements of the inspection report and the product batch test report, and the physical and chemical properties of the medical non-woven fabric, acceptance, ensure the quality of products qualified. For the management of the medical non-woven, manufacturer is responsible for medical non-woven fabric production quality, hospital equipment department and infection office is responsible for the qualification of the product and quality acceptance, supply room personnel responsible for sterilization packaging quality of the item, four guan qi, in order to ensure the quality of sterilization of medical devices.
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