( Medical nonwoven vs. ordinary non-woven]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-16
Of non-woven fabrics on the market at present is mainly divided into medical non-woven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric, so you know non-woven fabrics used in the hospital, with the ordinary non medical non-woven fabric what is the difference? Let lai chi small make up to reveal to you about! 1, the bacteria resistance effects of embodied excellent medical non-woven fabric, generally need to adopt three layer melt-blown SMMMS structure, industry is ordinary medical nonwovens used in SMS single-layer structure, the spray layer, by contrast, three layer structure of bacteria resistance performance, to be more better than that of single layer structure. Rather than ordinary non-woven fabrics, medical intermediate and free of shotcrete layer, and can't resistance bacteria. 2, a variety of sterilization is compatible with excellent medical non-woven fabric, need to apply to multiple sterilization methods at the same time, it is best to pressure steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization, can be used at the same time. Rather ordinary medical non-woven fabric, it is not for sterilization. 3, the strict quality control, excellent medical non-woven fabric, the production process through hl-tech corporation international medical quality control system authentication, in every step of the production process has a real-time online inspection. This can help hospital to each piece of non-woven fabric, has related batch inspection report. Rather ordinary medical non-woven fabric, don't need to achieve the level of medical inspection. 4, use of health excellent medical care non-woven, will adopt green security environmental protection PP particles, best can provide relevant health toxicology reports as required. Rather ordinary medical non-woven fabric, and unable to bear high temperature and humidity and other sterilization condition, of course, also do not need to show relevant toxicology reports.
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