( Medical nonwoven vs. ordinary non-woven]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-19
Non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical industry, non-woven fabric for surgical infection control effect was very obvious, like surgery draping, thin film, gown, mask, cap, gloves, etc. , are non-woven products. Do you know medical non-woven fabric and what is the difference between ordinary non-woven? Let lai chi small make up take a brief introduction of it for you. First medical non-woven resistance bacteria effect is good, use the spray layer structure can effectively play the role of resistance of bacteria. 1, antibacterial ability since is medical non-woven fabric, the primary standard is antibacterial ability, usually use SMMMS three melt-blown layers structure, the normal medical non-woven fabrics are using a single structure, the spray layer, affirmation is a three layer structure stronger antibacterial ability. As for the medical ordinary non-woven, without the spray layer, does not have antibacterial ability. 2, apply multiple sterilization methods since the antibacterial ability, also need to have the corresponding sterilization ability, quality medical non-woven fabric can be applied to multiple sterilization methods, common pressure steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization. Rather ordinary medical non-woven fabric, unable to apply multiple sterilization methods. 3, quality control of medical non-woven fabric, all need through related products quality control system authentication, in the process of production of product of each step has strict standards and requirements. Medical non-woven fabric and ordinary non-woven main difference is mainly reflected in these aspects, each have each use both purpose and characteristics of the in use as long as the right choice can be based on the requirements. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Provide lai chi non-woven fabric color is rich, environmental non-toxic, has advanced production equipment, perfect quality control ability, focus on: elastic non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabric, r&d and production of spun-bonded non-woven fabrics. Can customize different specifications of the products according to the customer, to achieve the quality and variety of fusion symbiosis.
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