Mitsui Chemical non-woven fabric company settled in Tianjin Xiqing Development Zone

by:Sunshine     2020-05-04
On the morning of April 5, Mitsui Chemical non-woven fabric (Tianjin) The company held a foundation stone laying ceremony in Xiqing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Zhou Jiatun, secretary of Tianjin Xiqing district Party committee, and Wang Xuewang, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and district chief, attended the foundation stone laying ceremony and met with Japan's Mitsui Chemical Co. , Ltd. President assistant and Chinese general representative de Maoyang and his party. Yang Lingsheng, Standing Committee member and deputy district chief of the district Party committee, Lan Qiang, director of the Standing Committee of the district Party committee and district Party committee office, Liu Qige, deputy district chief, and Guan Xingqiao, director of the administrative committee of Xiqing Development Zone attended the ceremony and attended the meeting. During the meeting, Zhou Jiaxuan was on Mitsui Chemical non-woven fabric (Tianjin) The company settled in Xiqing Economic and Technological Development Zone to congratulate and hope that the project will be completed as soon as possible, put into production as soon as possible, and get results as soon as possible. All relevant departments of Xiqing district will fully support the project construction and provide good services for enterprises. At the same time, I hope Mitsui Chemical Co. , Ltd. will learn more about Tianjin and Xiqing, deepen cooperation, broaden cooperation fields and introduce more partners to Xiqing. De Wan Yang said that Mitsui Chemical non-woven fabric (Tianjin) As one of the very important undertakings of Mitsui Co. , Ltd. , the headquarters is very concerned. I believe that with the strong support of the Xiqing district committee and the District government, the cooperation and meticulous service in the Xiqing Development Zone and relevant departments, construction will start quickly and smoothly and contribute to the economic development of Xiqing district. It is understood that Mitsui Chemical Xiqing project is located in Phase IV of Xiqing Development Zone and is the only 100% wholly owned company of Mitsui Chemical in China. Mainly for unijia, Procter & Gamble and other companies to provide non-woven fabrics. The first phase has a total investment of 6 billion yen, covers an area of 31500 m² square meters and a construction area of 25000 m² square meters. It is planned to start operation in April and start operation in September 2013. After the first phase of the project is put into operation, the annual sales are expected to reach 0. 3 billion yuan. (Tianjin Daily)
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