Moman 80127 non-woven wallpaper, fresh color and high quality

by:Sunshine     2020-04-17
As the saying goes, every penny is worth every penny. Today's mini-editor is going to evaluate a roll of Moman 450 non-woven wallpaper worth 80127 yuan. This price is either high or low. After all, there are plenty up to 50 or 60 yuan per square meter and down to Rolls. So what is the quality of this Moman non-woven wallpaper with a mid-range price? Is it worth the price? Below see small make up one by one to you detection. Product Display: evaluation brand: Morman evaluation product: Morman 80127 seamless cloth wallpaper product price: 450 yuan/volume product specification: 0. 53*10M product material: non-woven fabric, paper-based consultation telephone number: 010- 87861331 evaluation Location: South Fourth Ring Jimei home building materials Hall 3th floor Moman wallpaper flagship store evaluation details: 1, color appearance, temperament fresh, very texture, no taste a good wallpaper must first have high quality color, it depends on the saturation of colors and the perfection of matching different hue colors. The color of this wallpaper is not gorgeous, some are light, but the saturation control is good, and it does not show powder. The pink and pink green on the pattern are also very harmonious with light yellow. Approaching to see the wallpaper flower case is a summary of the color blocks spliced together, the color blocks are thick and three-dimensional, should be using embossing technology, this effect has a good decoration in the home. After reading it, pick it up and smell it. There is no abnormal taste. It should be judged that its environmental protection should be good. >> Reason: I'm afraid the material used for such a tough wallpaper is not inferior. Tearing open the wallpaper can find its slender and dense fiber layer, which is an important aspect to ensure its durability. 4. Further testing of environmental protection: At the beginning, our evaluators just smelled that this wallpaper has no abnormal taste. Here we have to further test its environmental protection: smell after burning. Everyone knows that things of different materials will emit different smells after ignition, and some will have fragrance after ignition, like aromatherapy; Some will have a bad smell after ignition, like plastic; What kind of smell will this wallpaper have? After evaluation, it does not have any pungent taste, and of course it does not have fragrance, but it can further prove that it is environmentally friendly. Evaluation Summary of the effect diagram of the model room paving: 1. Fresh and elegant temperament, suitable for large-scale room paving and creating a warm home environment. 2, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, breathable, and very leather, durable, long life. 3, good environmental protection, suitable for bedrooms, children's rooms, elderly rooms. 4, the price is above average, in terms of the quality of the wallpaper itself, cost-effective, value for money.
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