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Nearly 30 million central funds support Ke Qiao textile industry upgrade

by:Sunshine     2019-12-06
A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Keqiao district development and reform bureau that since this year, four projects of enterprises such as Keqiao district and Zhonghe fiber company have been included in the central budget for investment in 2013, and have successfully won nearly 30 million yuan of central funds for the corresponding projects, in recent years, Keqiao district has won the most support from the central government. According to reports, the central government's funds focus on supporting the transformation and upgrading of specific industries and highlighting the role of special projects in the professional field. This year, the projects supported by this fund in Keqiao district are mainly the annual production line of 8000 tons of multi-layer on-line Composite modified finishing non-woven fabrics with Zhonghe fiber company, the annual production line of 300 international leading all-computer controlled seamless piece counting round machines with xinjuncheng precision machinery company, jingbao Machinery Co. , Ltd. has an annual output of 200 sets of short-program energy-saving low-row setting machines, as well as the sewage treatment and upgrading project. 'These projects are all outstanding in the process of industrial upgrading in Keqiao district and even stand out nationwide. 'Area Development and Reform Bureau relevant responsible person said.
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