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New Mager established dry non-woven R & D center

by:Sunshine     2019-12-28
Newmag (Neumag) The dry non-woven research and development center will be held in Linz City, Austria on July 26 (Linz)Opening. It is understood that Sura group passed through its subsidiaries neuag, M & The brand integration of J, FOR, Autefa, Fehrer and Kortec has created a unique core technology portfolio. Now, Neumag has become the system supplier of the main non-woven fabric process, which can provide turnkey projects for users to lay the air flow, comb the net and spunbond the net. Based on the needs of service users and the company's development, the new mag dry non-woven R & D center established by neuag includes a complete set of production lines for combing non-woven fabrics, from unpacking to combing, cross-laying and acupuncture, up to non-woven rolls; In addition, the needle machine, the air distribution net and from fulaisina (Transfer) The Spurs system will also be enriched to the R & D center. (Niufeng)
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