Cross non woven fabric/ Cambrella Fabric

New non-woven fabrics can be used for wine preservation

by:Sunshine     2020-04-17
Recently, Finland Vineo. Ahlstrom and CIAT have developed a new non-woven fabric product, which can provide fresh-keeping devices for 0. 5 billion bottles of French wine every year, and has won the silver medal in the innovative competition held in the French wine industry. It is understood that the wine party with the smell of Cork in the past pollutes the air in the wine cellar, and the quality of the wine will also be affected. Ahlstrom and CIAT have developed a filter medium for this purpose, which can effectively prevent the smell of Cork in wine bottles from being emitted during production. This filter medium consists of a composite nonwoven containing activated carbon and coated with titanium dioxide. Source: China wine network
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