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New technology for fabric finishing function of spunlaced non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-02-14
New technology for fabric finishing function of spunlaced non-woven fabrics. In 1995, BBA company of the United States developed Interspun process and applied for a patent. Using this process, the surface of the fabric is treated by a spunlace, which can have a positive impact on the structure and properties of the fabric. In 1998, BBA company signed a cooperation agreement with partner company, which is the exclusive machine supplier for this technology. Crystal partner's Aquatex is a system that uses spunlaced heads to process woven fabrics. It is called a revolutionary measure of the finishing process of woven fabrics. After spunlace treatment, the yarn in the fabric is loosened and the fabric is effectively cleaned; According to the different arrangement of spunlaced head, the effect of peach skin velvet can be obtained on both or single sides of the fabric; It can also eliminate the stress generated by the fabric during the process, make the warp yarn more uniform, thereby improving the feel and appearance of the fabric, increasing the thickness of the fabric, and making the fabric shiny and soft, the wear resistance is more than 300% of that before treatment, the slippage at the sewing place is more than doubled, the Pilling resistance is improved, the wrinkle resistance is improved, the cloth surface is more uniform, the cloth surface pores are reduced, and the distribution is more uniform, used for cotton fabric dyeing like mercerized treatment. Therefore, after being treated with spunlaced water, the processes of descaling, boiling, Mercerizing and sanding can be eliminated, and the bleaching process can also be simplified, which has obvious comprehensive economic benefits. Products are widely used in decorative cloth, filter cloth, household textiles, clothing, automotive safety bag fabrics.
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