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Non-woven bag don't environmental protection? ----How to solve the embarrassing position of the afternoon spinning bag?

by:Sunshine     2020-03-25
With the gradual proliferation of non-woven bags in people's lives, non-woven environmental protection bags are notEnvironmental protection'The sound slowly gets bigger, as'Plastic Limit Order' After the main reusable shopping bag supplies, the status of non-woven bags has become a bit embarrassing. In terms of monomer, a single non-woven bag, regardless of its consumption in manufacturing and its difficult degradation in product materials, is not lower than a plastic bag, which leads to non-woven environmental protection bags not'Environmental protection'Internal cause; As an advertising carrier, non-woven bags have a very good publicity effect on manufacturers, making more and more enterprises choose to print advertisements on non-woven bags as gifts to customers, resulting in more and more non-woven bags in people's homes, the emphasis on non-woven bags is reduced, and one is thrown, which is the external cause of non-environmental protection of non-woven bags. How to solve the embarrassing status of non-woven bags, Wenzhou yongba packaging here makes the following suggestions for the majority of enterprises and citizens: 1. Choose non-woven bags with excellent quality: when many citizens use non-woven bags as daily shopping bags, they find that the shoddy non-woven bags have a very short service life, are easy to break and tear, and have poor waterproof performance, wenzhou yongba packaging reminds enterprises that use non-woven bags as promotional gifts not to covet small and cheap prices and choose non-woven bag manufacturers with excellent production technology and complete equipment (Such as Wenzhou yongba packaging) To prolong the service life of non-woven bags, only when the number of uses is much larger than that of plastic bags can the value of environmental protection be reflected, which is one of the hard conditions for non-woven bags as environmental protection bags. 2. Enhance the habit of carrying non-woven bags when going out. Although there are more and more non-woven bags in citizens' homes, many people always forget to carry them with them when going out. The first is inconvenient. Most of the existing non-woven bags in the market are not easy to fold, after using it at ordinary times, it will take a certain amount of time to fold it into small squares. Otherwise, I really don't know which pocket to put. Here, I recommend folding non-woven bags produced by Wenzhou yongba packaging, in the production process, the stamping function is added so that the non-woven bag can be easily folded into the size of the wallet and placed in the pocket for easy carrying; The second is not beautiful, saying that everyone has a love of beauty, a shopping bag with a visual effect is not good, and there is no face to bring it out. The laminating non-woven bag produced by Wenzhou yongba packaging has added a layer of easy-to-print film to the surface of the non-woven bag. The non-woven bag produced by this technology is very popular among women who love beauty in shape, so as to greatly increase the number of non-woven bags used and achieve the goal of environmental protection. 3. Organize the non-woven bag and place it in a conspicuous place at the door. Folding non-woven bags is only a rare category among many non-woven bags. Most non-woven bags still need citizens to spend a little time sorting out after use and prevent conspicuous places at the door, which can be taken at will when going out and is not easy to forget, increase the number of non-woven bags used to protect the environment. 4. Rational use of non-woven bags as promotional gifts. The effect of non-woven bags on corporate propaganda is very obvious, so that many manufacturers will choose non-woven bags when choosing gift packaging. The appearance is beautiful, the number of uses is large, the advertising efficiency is good, and it can be used. Environmental protection Enterprise'Why not? However, non-woven bags are gradually flooding as gift packaging, resulting in the public not paying attention to non-woven bags and reducing the number of non-woven bags used. Wenzhou yongba packaging once again reminds the majority of enterprise users, when choosing non-woven bags as promotional gifts, please try to choose non-woven bag products with excellent quality, exquisite printing and moderate size, so as to increase the number of non-woven bags used and achieve the ultimate goal of environmental protection. (Wenzhou yongba Packaging Co. , Ltd)
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