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Non-woven bag is not cloth, non-degradable and environmentally friendly

by:Sunshine     2020-03-25
On Sunday, the Beijing News published a letter, 'ban plastic bags to see how Yunnan does it', which mentioned that many places in Yunnan use non-woven bags instead of plastic bags. The author thinks this is very environmentally friendly. In fact, experts in environmental protection have long pointed out that many non-woven bags are nothing more than plastic bags with a face. Although non-woven fabrics look like cloth, they actually have nothing to do with cloth. Judging whether the packaging bag is environmentally friendly, mainly depends on whether the material is degradable. However, most non-woven bags are made of polypropylene and polyester, all of which are non-degradable fibers and are difficult to degrade in the natural environment. Such non-woven bags are also environmentally friendly. Because plastic bags are often shaved off in major garbage dumps, they become 'butterfly butterflies' flying all over the sky, thus giving everyone the impression that white pollution is plastic bags, which is far more than that. Look at the sour bottles, mineral water bottles, and even our shoes and hats used every day. Plastic products are everywhere, just because they have recycling value, and the nature of pollution is not easy to find. It can be seen from this that the popularization of environmental protection knowledge is still not enough. To raise environmental protection awareness, we must start with increasing environmental protection knowledge.
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