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Non-woven bag series use and process

by:Sunshine     2020-05-21
The use of non-woven bag series can be divided into: 1. Non-woven bag Series: non-woven bags, non-woven handbags, non-woven shopping bags, etc. 2. Non-woven bag Series: non-woven file bag, green shopping bag, packaging bag, non-woven tote bag. 3. Non-woven products Series: non-woven storage box, non-woven storage box, non-woven suit cover-Non-woven suit cover. 4. Jewelry bag Series: gift bag rope bag jewelry bag velvet bag, perfume bag pen bag jewelry bag and so on. 5. Apron series: advertising apron, polyester apron, cotton apron, PVC apron, hanging mesh apron. Process of meltblown non-woven fabric process of meltblown non-woven fabric: Polymer feeding---Melt Extrusion---Fiber formation---Fiber cooling---Into the net---Reinforce into a cloth.
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