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Non-woven carpet film advantages, more suited to replace ordinary film

by:Sunshine     2020-10-02
Ordinary film drawbacks: agricultural film has been widely used now canopy trees with ornamental fruits, the outdoor fruit tree cover, etc. Agricultural mulch is prevention, heat preservation, insect-resistant, moisture, inhibit the growth of weeds, beneficial to fruit tree growth, increase fruit yield, improve the efficiency of the fruit industry, plays an important role in modern agricultural production. Agricultural film covering technology is widely used in promoting the development of fruit industry production at the same time, also give the country's ecological environment caused by the larger pollution. Application of white plastic in order to prevent the grass need spraying herbicide; Although black mulch can have the effect of weeding, but there are also pollute the environment, and easy weathering breakage, grass prevention effect is not ideal. And both membrane permeability is bad problems, is not conducive to normal the root growth. Mulch non-woven non-woven felt felt membrane is a new generation of environmental protection material, belongs to the biodegradable material, and can be recycled to use, don't release harmful gases during burning, also do not have any left over material, is internationally recognized as protect earth's environment environmental protection product. It has good air permeability, high tenacity, non-toxic, no smell, no combustion characteristics, and can be by adding the repellent or hydrophilic material to make it adapt to different occasions, satisfy the huts or outdoor field different environment, such as the production requirements. For non-woven carpet material application in agriculture, manufacturing process improvement, make its have breathable, waterproof, prevent grass, use fixed number of year under control. Application experiment has been carried out in jinan southern mountain area this year, weed control effect is very obvious. Felt mulch can inhibit the growth of weeds, thereby reducing the labor costs of used for weed control costs and the use of herbicides to orchard ecological environmental impact. Through the experiment, covering non-woven carpet film weed control effect is very good, when the grass seed germination, due to the light transmittance is extremely low, non-woven carpet unearthed weeds can hardly accept the illuminate of sunshine, preventing this directly lead to the photosynthesis, cannot normal activities necessary to organic synthesis for life, eventually die. Because the summer rain water, CaoCheng many fruit growers headaches, especially near the trunk parts, and does not cover the need for artificial weeding 4 - In the early period of the five times, covered with black plastic film is not long grass, membrane damage after late, long grass, covering non-woven carpet film, only when the cover is lax or override ridging place long grass, need artificial remove 1 - 2 times. It is worth noting that the coverage of fruit trees at the same time to row to the growth of malignant weeds, timely as the rest of weeds to 50 cm long artificial or mechanical cutting grass, mowing 3 - every year Four times, very helpful for soil improvement. Compared with plastic film, non-woven carpet of design and color film permeability is good, can maintain the root respiration, promote the growth of root system and metabolism, and prevent caused by anaerobic respiration and root rot, etc. Due to the design and color felt absorb light radiation and heat preservation effect, can make the orchard ground temperature increase 2 - 3℃。 In the early spring or late autumn outside temperature is low, the improvement of ground temperature can significantly promote the root vigor, increase root growth, root to water to keep the base of the absorption of inorganic salts and organic matter storage rate. Ground temperature at the same time improve can also extend the soil microbial activities within time, increasing the amount of decomposition and nutrient release, effectively improve the level of the fruit tree nutrition absorption, for safety overwintering and next year's growth to provide adequate nutrients. Orchard covers non-woven carpet film, meanwhile, also can maintain soil moisture effectively, alleviate drought produces adverse effect on fruit tree growth, reduce the frequency of the water, soil moisture content change relatively gentle, is beneficial to maintain good growth environment, enhance resistance to disease. Non-woven carpet of design and color film with the traditional film temperature, keep moisture, prevent the advantages, such as grass and breathe freely, the distinct advantage of the permeable, biodegradable, and it has simple manufacturing process, use fixed number of year under control, environmental protection free from contamination, and non-woven carpet factory prices low, in the modern agriculture will have wide development and application prospects.
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