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Non-woven fabric enterprises have serious inventory and of factories are closed

by:Sunshine     2020-04-15
Global Textile network June 5, in the future, you may not be able to buy plastic bags in the supermarket. A few days ago, Metro (China) It was announced that from today on, plastic bags will be completely stopped in 38 stores across the country. It is reported that Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other retail stores are still using plastic bags for a long time, but the industry believes that it is a big trend to stop selling plastic bags. According to data provided by relevant industry associations, China's retail circulation industry consumed more than 20 billion plastic bags last year, a decrease of nearly 40 billion from the previous year. Stopping selling plastic bags seems to be a non-woven fabric company that produces environmentally friendly bags. Gospel' However, 'Daily Economic News' was informed in an interview that due to the fact that some companies are too optimistic about the market, non-woven fabric manufacturers are now experiencing serious inventory. 'We have about 10 containers in stock. ' Yesterday, a non-woven fabric manufacturer in Haikou told National Business Daily,' These were all orders placed by customers at the beginning, but they were temporarily canceled later. ' It is understood that Wenzhou enterprises are the most serious in the inventory of non-woven fabric enterprises. At present, almost all non-woven fabric manufacturers around the country are no longer put into new production, and digesting inventory has become the primary task. ' Last June ~ In September, when the raw materials were high, a large number of goods were ordered and put into production, thinking that non-woven fabrics would completely replace plastic bags, but I did not expect the market acceptance ability to be poor, and the actual utilization rate of non-woven products was not high, no one came to order. ' Bai Gang, a marketing expert who has studied the production of non-woven fabrics for many years, pointed out in his blog that manufacturers of non-woven fabrics suffered serious losses, with nearly 30% of factories closing down and 60% of manufacturers struggling, the non-woven fabric industry is facing a crisis. He believes that this year's non-woven products enterprises will face the first turning point after the industrial adjustment, and the poorly managed small non-woven products factories may be eliminated in the future market environment. Statistics from China's first textile network show that January 2009 ~ In March, the total output of non-woven fabrics nationwide was 27. 570 thousand tons, up year on year. 52%; Among them, Guangdong province has the largest output, with a output of 6. 930 thousand tons; The second is Zhejiang province, with output of 6. 380 thousand tons; Then there is Shandong province, the output is 3. 980 thousand tons.
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